Capacitor Discharge Welder – LinearWave

The LinearWave Welder is a combination of an advanced Capacitor Discharge Welder (CDW) and a 1500Hz Bipolar Medium Frequency Converter (MFC), comprised of four IGBTs.

Provides Better Quality Parts
The feature of CDW that provides less thermal distortion with its large current in a shorter weld time is combined with the stability of MFC supported by its constant current feedback.

Makes It Easy To Set Weld Parameters
While the weld current for CDW is configured by increasing or decreasing the charging voltage, which makes it more difficult for operators to understand the welding parameter setting, the LinearWave allows direct configuration of weld current values.

Provides Energy Savings. Shortens Cycle Times
A typical CDW wasted the end portion of the weld current wave without any use. The LinearWave technology has the ability to manage the current flow to just what is required for the optimum weld, thereby achieving a shorter charge time for the next spot weld and generating energy savings as a by-product.

Flexwave Recharging Image

Optimizes Weld Nugget Quality
As for weldability, a large current in a shorter weld time allows welding with less thermal distortion or indentation, even for materials such as aluminum that have high thermal conductivity as well as a thermal diffusion tendency. Additionally, the constant current feedback of the MFC function provides stable welding without fluctuations of weld current. This even includes the conditions of projection welding, which tends to display load variations because of protrusion changes, or even for high tensile materials, which tends to cause fit-up gaps because of its hardness. As another benefit, the capacitor is always fully charged, providing the fastest current start-up required by projection welding every time.

Maximizes Waveform Flexibility
Waveform of current can be freely programmed in polarity at every 1 ms, allowing necessary welding parameter settings such as tempering, demagnetization, upslope, etc. Also, if the controller unit of your single-phase AC welder is replaced with the controller unit of LinearWave, it can be used as a LinearWave welder as well.


LinearWave series includes NICP-050, NICP-100, and NICP-150 with the maximum weld current of 50,000, 100,000, and 150,000 amps respectively.

Notes: The product name “Flexwave” has been changed to “LinearWave” effective March 2018.