Reduction Gear X-Type

Increase productivity and efficiency with Dengensha’s patented Reduction Gear X-Type Weld Guns. Design for simplicity, flexibility, precision and ease of use, our weld guns have made millions of welds with little or no maintenance. These are among the most reliable in the industry.

Simple design lowers costs. Same reduction gear technology used in robot actuation is highly accurate, generates controlled higher force with less energy. Extreme alignment accuracy and consistent pressure result in higher weld quality and reduced warping, indentations and spatter. Symmetrical design – no right or left hand – reduces inventory of spare guns and parts.

Flexibility to match your needs. Combine standard gun arms/ electrode holders. Multiple gun configurations fit one body. Slim, compact design reduces space requirements. Use with Dengensha robot-integrated weld control to reduce cycle time even more.

Rigid, durable, low maintenance. Designed for high rigidity and long life. Reduction gear drive is maintenance-free; dust- and water-resistant design increases drive unit life; and there’s no hinge to wear.

Complete specifications. To find out more about the Reduction Gear X-Type Weld Gun, click our Read Online brochure.