Linear Motion Guide X-Gun

Deep throat depth, applicable for large work pieces. This servo spot X-gun can be set for any weld force, which reduces expulsion. Its soft touch lowers impact noise, and it has no pneumatic exhaust.

Improve productivity and lower costs. Very short track time from one weld to another and substantially shortened squeeze time. The linear motion feature helps tip wear not cause electrode misalignment, improving weld quality and accuracy.

Reduce costs, simplify maintenance. Our X-gun’s light impact reduces your machine/robot requirements. It has a standardized weld force mechanism and easy access to weld points. Each gun has AC or MFDC transformers and a rear or upper mount bracket, as well as a newly designed drive unit, helping minimize the need for spare parts.

Complete specifications. To find out more about the Linear Motion Guide X-Gun, click our Read Online brochure.