Lightweight Compact Servo X-Gun

Use smaller load capacity robots. Dengensha’s two types of lightweight, compact X-guns – the INX1 and INX2 – let you save money and be more productive with smaller load capacity robots. Weight saving is between 35-50% compared to conventional type X-guns.

Durable and lightweight. The lightweight aluminum body adds rigidity and strength, while the compact design allows the gun to fit better and move easier in tighter space. Dengensha's MFDC transformers help further reduce weight, and assure the reliability of each weld.

Symmetrical design. A slim, symmetrical design is achieved by  setting the motor and transformer at the center of the gun, eliminating the need for left or right hand versions and reducing the need for spare parts. By modularizing the different parts of the gun, 14 different design types are available.

Complete specifications. To find out more about the Lightweight Compact X-Gun, click our Read Online brochure, or see below

Lightweight Compact Servo X-Guns, INX1 and INX2
Max Weld Current (A)13500
Duty Cycle10%
Electrode Force4.0kN, 6.0kN = 880 lbs - 1,300 lbs
Throat Depth 260mm - 410mm = 10.23" - 16.14"
Total Gun Weight61kg - 69kg = 135 lbs - 152lbs