High Force Lightweight Reduction Gear X-Gun

  • New high torque reduction gear is capable of maximum 7kN force.
  • The use of aluminum for primary parts like gun arm and optimization of the part layout enabled a smaller and lighter gun.
  • Highly rigid and long-lasting large bearing for the reduction gear.
  • High speed servo motor of 5,000 min-1.
  • Compatible to the newly developed heavy duty and small lightweight MFDC transformer.
  • Maintenance free with the reduction gear configuration.
  • Patented design with a drive unit.
High Force LW Reduction Gear X-Gun Spec
Electrode Force4.8 - 7kN
Stroke Speed700 - 1,030 mm/s (5,000 min-1)
Stroke165 - 240 mm
Throat Depth300 - 500 mm
Max. Short Circuit Current18,000 A (Inverter MFDC)
Equivalent Current5,728 A
Weight90 - 97 kg (198 - 213 lbs.)