Weld Guns

Today’s best weld gun designs. Dengensha’s weld guns set the standard for lightweight compact weld guns, servo spot weld guns in x-type and c-type, portable weld guns and robot guns integrated with transformers.

Save space and money with lower load robots. Every inch of a Dengensha gun is designed for minimal weight and size. Integrated lightweight transformers (Dengensha’s MFDC) and aluminum bodies give you the rigidity and strength for long wear at the lowest possible weight. It all adds up to transforming your line with less costly, lower load capacity robots.

Simplicity and flexibility. Symmetrical designs – no right or left hand – reduce your inventory of spare guns and spare parts. Each of our designs takes the opportunity to simplify weld guns and add flexibility to their use.

Backed by Dengensha know-how. Dengensha’s technology is time-tested and proven in use on auto assembly lines worldwide. Authorized Dengensha maintenance programs are available, as well as consumables and parts