FAQ: Service and Support

Dengensha’s long history in the welding and feeding industrial processes as well as its expertise in assessment of needs, line integration, repair and maintenance give you a ready resource for answers to your questions. If you don’t see the answer to your question below, email us, or call Dengensha America at 440.439.8081.

Does Dengensha accept credit cards?

Yes, Dengensha will accept Visa, Amerian Express, Discover and MasterCards for purchases.

Does Dengensha offer onsite service?

Yes, not only do we offer onsite service, equipment evaluation and training, but you can have your products serviced at one of our domestic service centers. We also utilize Industrial Control Repair, a leading industrial control repair company and a proud partner and authorized repair center of Dengensha America.

Does Dengensha offer training? If so, what kind?

We offer basic resistance welding training classes with our welder maintenance class, as well as feeder installation and maintenance classes which include PLC training as applied to our feeders. Opening in 2011 at our headquarters in Bedford, Ohio, will be a brand new welding lab for training and instruction on Dengensha equipment. Check back soon for more information.

Do you offer any kind of technical support?

Yes, we have several full-time engineers ready to assist customers with technical support problems, feeder or welder integration difficulties or control issues that may arise during the quoting or installation process, as well as after market support.

Can you calibrate my equipment?

Yes, we can calibrate your Dengensha equipment or certify you to calibrate independently to save time and money, and keep your operations running smoothly. Contact us for more information.

What kind of warranty do you offer on your products?

We offer a (1) year warranty on our equipment that begins on the date of shipment.

What information do I need when ordering parts?

When ordering parts, you will need the part number. If you do not have the part number and wish to order parts for a feeder, you will need the serial number from the feeder. If you do not have a part number and wish to order parts for a welder or weld gun, you will been the model number and manufacturing number. there is a $50 minimum purchase for parts orders.

What is the lead time on spare parts?

Almost 80% of all spare parts are stocked at our Bedford, Ohio, location. Depending on the part, this means we can typically get your shipment to you in 4-6 business days. Many can be shipped overnight if necessary.

Where is Dengensha equipment manufactured?

All our equipment is manufactured at one of our manufacturing facilities in Japan. Check our the information in the About Us section to find out more about our global company.

What professional organizations is Dengensha a part of?

We are proud members of several industry organizations, including the AWS, RWMA, PMA, WEMCO and RIA.