FAQ: Products and Parts

Dengensha’s long history in the welding and feeding industrial processes as well as its expertise in assessment of needs, line integration, repair and maintenance give you a ready resource for answers to your questions. Click on Info Now, email us, or call Dengensha America at 440.439.8081.


Do you have weld guns?

Yes, we have a full line of servo and pneumatic weld guns to meet your needs.

Can you weld high strength steel?

Yes, Dengensha welders can weld high strength steel, given the entry of a proper weld schedule.

Do you have stock welders?

Yes, Dengensha carries 70 and 100 kVA pedestal welders in stock.

What types of weld scopes do you offer?

Currently, we offer the WS-80 and WS-100, which are table-top weld scopes that measure weld current, weld cycle time, and peak current.

Do you offer integrated weld controls?

Yes, we offer integrated weld controls for most robot suppliers.

Specialists in resistance welding.

We make and service spot, projection, and seam welders; flash, multi-spot, and portable welders; manual and robotic weld guns; nut and bolt feeders, weld transformers, controls, and monitoring equipment. We also provide parts and supplies, including secondary cables, nut covers, and electrodes.


Why do I need to supply 300 samples?

Dengensha feeders are custom-made to ensure the highest levels of efficiency and repeatability. To do that, 300 production samples are required by the manufacturing facility to be used in the design, build, and testing of a feeder. When building a vibratory bowl, weight in the bowl is one of the main factors in determining how the fastener reacts to the selection process. Using the actual production samples during the fabrication process allows each element in the selection and delivery system to be turned to the very same fastener that will be used in the customer’s production process. In this way, the customer will receive a feeder that works in the most efficient manner possible, from the first day of production to the last.

Do you stock spare parts for your feeders?

Yes, we have stock valued at nearly $750,000 at our warehouse in Bedford, Ohio. We stock not only spare parts for our feeders, but also consumables for welding applications; spare parts for welders, weld controls and weld guns; transformers; complete feeders for Japanese style square 6mm and 8mm nust; and pedestal welders.

What kind of accuracy can I expect from my Dengensha feeder?

Because we custom make your feeder with your production sample fasteners, our feeders offer the most reliability in the industry. With one or two exceptions for very special fasteners, you can expect a 99.9% repeatability from your Dengensha feeder.

Besides nuts, what else can be fed?

We can feed spacers, bolts and other special parts. Send us your dimensioned drawing or a few samples and we can usually quote you that same day.

What is the feeding rate for your feeders?

The feed rate varies depending on the type and size of fastener being fed. A standard 6mm nut feeder has a feeding rrate of nearly 40 nuts per minute, while a larger fastener such as a 12mm hex nut can reach feeding rates of 25 nstu per minute.

What is the largest nut that can be fed?

Our standard line of feeders end with a 37mm OD. However, send us your sample and dimensioned drawing and we will explore a special design to feed your fastener, bolt of specialty part.