Custom Design. We use your nut samples to design, build and test feeders, and will work with you to ensure your welder is best suited for your specific manufacturing needs.

Installation and Service. A purchase from Dengensha includes guaranteed high-quality customer service, from pre-sale analysis and quick quotations, to providing installation, technical support and maintenance assistance. We are focused on meeting our customer’s needs from beginning to end.

Instruction Manuals. Please contact for the manual to your specific piece of equipment.  For questions regarding your feeder, please have the serial and model numbers; for guns, the model and manufacturing numbers; and for welders, the model and manufacturing numbers.

Spare Parts. A spare parts list is included in your instruction manual.  However, if you still need assistance, please contact our inside sales at (440) 439-8081 or  As with instruction manuals, please provide serial and model numbers for feeder inquiries, model and manufacturing numbers for guns, and model and manufacturing numbers for welders.

Calibration and Certification. We can calibrate your Dengensha equipment or certify you to calibrate independently to save time and money, and keep your operation running smoothly.  Contact us for more information.

Dengensha America Authorized Repair Partners. Industrial Control Repair is a leading industrial control repair company and a proud partner and authorized repair center of Dengensha America.

Training. Proper training and maintenance are the keys to insuring that Dengensha equipment will remain a lasting fixture in your plant.  If you have new Dengensha equipment, a new employee, or just want a refresher, contact us to learn how to get trained on Dengensha feeders, welders, guns, controls, and monitoring equipment.