Privacy & Security

At Dengensha America we want our online presence to reflect our high-caliber equipment, customer service and business standard. In order to do this we collect certain information from people who visit our website, and we want you to know why we do this, what we collect and how we use that information.  

Dengensha America collects basic statistical and demographic information related to our website for general marketing and research purposes using a first-party cookie and JavaScript code called Google Analytics. We use only IP addresses for identifying visitors to the site and the information is inaccessible to anyone outside of Dengensha. What we collect, such as referring websites or search engines, landing and exit pages, and numbers of pages viewed per visit, tells us what you are most interested in so we can focus on improving and expanding those aspects of our business.

The only personal data we collect is what you provide us, whether through a Quick Quote or information request. After we respond to your needs, Dengensha will store your name and email in our customer database. Occasionally we may contact you with information on new equipment, company developments or product suggestions that we anticipate would benefit your business. If you don’t want to receive this type of information, let us know by responding to the first email you receive and we will remove you from our list. You can also call us at 440-439-8081 or write to us at:

Dengensha America

7467 First Place Drive

Bedford, OH 44146

If you have any questions concerning Dengensha America’s privacy policy, please contact us at 440-439-8081.