Vibratory Bolt Feeder AFV-B

Customized for you. We use your bolt samples to design and build feeders for you. That way we can guarantee that your feeders will select and feed almost any size and shape of bolt to the weld electrode accurately.

Unique, spring-loaded chuck jaw. Our proprietary 200mm stroke spring-loaded chuck jaw feed unit gives you accurate bolt delivery and positioning, bolt after bolt.

Fast feed rates. Seven-liter bulk hoppers and custom-designed bowls boost feed rates and keep them high. Specially designed lower electrode concave guide pin insures concentric location and automatic ejection of weld bolts.


Standard Features Details/Advantage

Vibratory bowl 300mm, vinyl coated
Keyance PLC Microsprocessor Transistor Output
Programmable screen Controls PLC without a laptop
Dual key locked control panel Prevents unauthorized access
Manual controls On outside of control panel
3 meter flexible vinyl tube
Spring-loaded chuck jaw feed unit 200mm stroke
Concave guide pin Locates and ejects bolts concentrically
Universal mounting bracket Mount feed unit at almost any angle
7-liter bulk hopper w/limit switch Fewer refills
Vinyl dust cover Prevents contamination from spatter
Complete pneumatic system With regulator and filter
High feed rates Up to 30 bolts/minute
Bolt separator remote feed unit Bolts can be blown one at a time


Options Details/Advantage

Double selection mechanism Simultaneous feeding of two bolts
Special double mechanism Feed from right, left or both at once
Special stroke feed units 150mm or 300mm
Reverse-mounted control panel Place feeders inside fenced cells
Buy without controls Operating through your own PLC
Paint color Several options



Single out Feed one bolt at a time
Dual out, simultaneous feed
Always feed two bolts at a time
Dual out, selectable feed
Feed either the left or right side only or feed both left and right at the same time