Rotary Nut AFR-N

Reliable and durable. For square Japanese-style nuts only. Almost impossible to get upside down nut if properly set.

Patented, magnetized feed unit. With a flexible, 3-meter vinyl delivery tube and a 200mm stroke magnetic feed unit, accurate nut delivery and positioning is assured, time after time.

Fast feed rates. Seven-liter bulk hoppers and custom-designed bowls boost feed rates and keep them high.


Standard Features Details/Advantage

Keyance PLC Microsprocessor Transistor Output
Programmable screen Controls PLC without a laptop
Dual key locked control panel Prevents unauthorized access
Manual controls On outside of control panel
3 meter flexible vinyl tube
200mm stroke Magnetic feed unit delivers nuts accurately to your electrode
Universal mounting bracket Mount feed unit at almost any angle
7-liter bulk hopper w/limit switch Fewer refills
Vinyl dust cover Prevents contamination from spatter
High feed rates Up to 50 nuts/minute
Nut separator Ensures nuts to be blown one at a time


Options Details/Advantage

Double selection mechanism Simultaneous feeding of two weld nuts
Special double mechanism Feed from right, left or both at once
Special stroke feed units 200mm, 300mm or 400mm
Reverse-mounted control panel Place feeders inside fenced cells
Buy without controls Operating through your own
Orientation guide PLC Orients t-shape nuts to ±5°
Pneumatic nut locator No weld spatter in nut threads
Paint color Several options



Single out Feed one nut at a time
Dual out, simultaneous feed
Always feed two nuts at a time
Dual out, selectable feed
Feed either the left or right side only or feed both left and right at the same time