Rebuilt Feeders – A Great Opportunity

Your Dengensha feeders were built to last through rebuilds. You can take advantage of significant cost savings if you own an older Dengensha feeder and need it for a new application with a different  nut size and type.

For example. A Canadian customer came to us looking to modify an existing single out, M8 square nut feeder to accommodate M6 square nuts. Upon receiving the feeder at our headquarters in Bedford, our sales engineers immediately got to work removing the old parts and ordering the new or modified parts from our parent company in Japan. They installed a vibratory bowl that had been reworked by Dengensha engineers in Japan and a new feed unit, chute track and vinyl tube. After some cleaning and retuning, they confirmed the feeder's operation to standard and returned it to the customer. 

Quality guaranteed. All feeders sent to us for rebuilds are inspected unpon receipt to make sure all parts are usable and in good working condition. If we discover something that needs replaced or reworked and it wasn't originally quoted, we will contact you with a new quotation that includes those items needed. You can count on Dengensha rebuilds because you are trusting the OEM. Once we work with our customers on a rebuild, Dengensha provides continual service and maintenance, as well as an updated spare parts manual.

Ask for an analysis and costs. We need to look at your existing feeder to determine what the possibilities are, how long the rebuild will take and what the cost will be. This is a process we have done many times, so you can be assured of an accurate assessment. Call today and ask for Rich at 440-439-8081 or email Rich.