Low Profile Nut Feeder AFV-NLP

Customized for you. We base our design on your actual nut samples to guarantee accurate selection and feeding of almost any size and shape of nut to the weld electrode.

Smaller size, lower cost. At just 18’ x 15” and 30” tall, our low profile feeder saves space, costs less to buy and less to maintain.

High feed rates. There is no sacrifice in speed or repeatability with our low-profile feeder. You’ll get the same high feed rates, up to 50 nuts a minute.


Standard Features Details/Advantage

Vibratory bowl 300mm, urethane surface
200mm stroke feed unit Gravity feed for 6mm and 8mm, magnetic feed for 5 mm and 10mm
7-liter bulk hopper With limit switch
3-meter flexible vinyl tube
Universal mounting bracket Mount feed unit at almost any angle
Vinyl dust cover Prevents contamination from spatter
Complete pneumatic system With regulator and filter
High feed rates Up to 50 nuts/minute
Precision sensor Ensure ample nut flow
Manual controls On outside of control panel
Printed circuit board controls