Cassette Nut Feeder AFV-NC

Feeds 4 square nut sizes from the same bowl. This next generation feeder system lets you feed 5mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm square weld nuts from the same vibratory bowl.

5-minute changeover. A simple cassette change transforms the vibratory bowl to an entirely new feeder.

Ideal for low volume, batch production. Comes complete with Dengensha’s extensive standard AFV features, such as PLC, 200mm stroke feed unit, bulk hopper, vinyl dust cover among many others.

High feed rates. Custom designed bowls and Dengensha integrated engineering maintain high feed rates at all square nut size.


Please refer to the complete list of standard AFV features.

Selected Standard Features Details/Advantage

Vibratory bowl 300mm, urethane surface
7-liter bulk hopper With limit switch
Universal mounting bracket Mount feed unit at almost any angle
Complete pneumatic system With regulator and filter
PLC controls For Poke Yoke devices


Options Details/Advantage

Magnetic feed unit 300mm stroke
Reverse mounted control box
AB Micrologix 1000 PLC 
Device net integration 
Ethernet capability
Pneumatic nut locator No weld splatter in nut threads
3-10 meter flexible vinyl tube Feeder can be 3’-10’ from welder
Additional cassettes For different size square nuts
Paint color Several options