Most reliable, durable feeders available. We use the latest technology to design and build the best nut feeders and bolt feeders in the industry. Our low profile nut feeder reduces size requirements and lowers costs. Rotary nut feeders, cassette options and rebuilt feeders give you a full range of alternatives.

Guaranteed accurate selection. Dengensha feeders are built to the specs of your production weld nut or bolt, guaranteeing accurate selection and feed to the weld electrode, every time, without fail.

Speed and simplicity. Keep your production line up to speed with custom designed bowls that ensure high feed rates.  Precision sensors maintain an ample nut flow to the feed unit. Controls are kept simple and easy to operate.

Dengensha quality is built in. Whether it’s frame strength, urethane coatings, low-maintenance pneumatic systems, high-capacity bulk hoppers, or dust/spatter covers, Dengensha feeders are built to last and to lower costs throughout their lifetime.

Dengensha service keeps your lines operating. Our knowledgeable advisors and U.S. location make getting replacement parts fast and easy. You’ll get customized maintenance logs and electronic updates explaining what to order and when.