Weld Controls

The most advanced controls. This is what your high-level welding applications need – microcomputer-based for networked resistance welders.

  • Directly connected to the robot via bus bar
  • Faster communications reduce cycle time
  • Easy installation – timer inserts into the robot’s USB, no wiring
  • Eliminating wiring lowers costs
  • Easy operation and maintenance through a teaching pendant
  • AC control integrates fully, is network capable
  • DC control integrates fully, is best for mid-frequency welding

MFDC Controls

Stand alone or robot integrated models. Our robot integrate system eliminates the need for a programming box and for wiring between a robot and timer. Easy to operate, MFDC controls allow teaching data and welding parameters to be managed together. Equally efficient stand alone controls are available in water cooled models that use the same dimensions and cabinet as robot integrated MFDCs.

Increase productivity. With the robot integrated system, increase your processing speed and reduce cycle time by 5-10%.

Easy maintenance. MFDC controls meet IP54 standards, meaning dust and spatter are effectively suppressed, improving your workplace environment and decreasing the need for regular maintenance. The built-in earth leakage breaker is another standard feature that provides additional safety.

Complete specifications. To find out more about the MFDC controls, click our Read Online brochure.

MFDC Weld Control Specifications
Cooling MethodWaterWaterFan Air
Maximum Current400A400A300A
Welding Schedules127255255
Weight45kg (99lbs)45kg (99lbs)49kg (108lbs)
Primary VoltageФ3 AC400/600 ±15%Ф3 AC400/600 ±15%Ф3 AC400/600 ±15%