Weld Control & Transformer Combo

Cost effective, high quality. Integrating the timer and the transformer simplifies your equipment needs and saves money. Dengensha quality assures you of consistent performance with minimal maintenance.

Simplicity rules. A timer deck is no longer required with PACTRAN, and wiring and piping can be omitted.

Easy installation. Design and installation requirements are simplified with the PACTRAN, so the process goes faster.

PACTRAN Horizontal & Vertical
PACTRAN, verticalPACTV-150J-45
PACTRAN, horizontalPACTH-150J-45
Rated capacity150kVA
Weld power supplyAC400V+15%-10%, 50/60Hz
Valve power supplyDC24V (internally generated)
TimerDecomStar740 fitted on side or inside
Power consumption45VA
Thyristor"D" size (water insulated)
Max. weld current50Hz 16,000A at duty cycle of 10.3%
60Hz16,000A at duty cycle of 10.3%
Secondary non-load voltage50Hz 21.0V
Weight, PACTRAN only195 kg