AC Portable Transformer

Flexible installations and applications. Use as a hanging or floor model for one or two portable weld guns. Can operate with or without water and air piping.

Dengensha's AC transformers come in a compact design with enough thermal capacity to handle high duty cycles. They have a high resistance to damange from electromagnetic stress and meet mechanical/electrical safety requirements, enabling a wide-range of selections for various applications.

DC Rectified Portable Transformer

Save energy, lower operating costs. Compared with ACs, DC transformers have a lower maximum input  by 20-25% and improved power factor, reducing cost. DC transformers provide excellent results even when used for welding light alloy and are very effective for welding large dimension workpieces such as parts for buses, trucks and construction material.

Use with one or two guns with rectified current. A two-line type secondary cable, possible because of low reactance, makes handling weld guns much easier.


Lightweight and compact. Designed for use with one or two  weld guns, in tap style or the smaller no-tap style.

MFDC Lightweight Transformer

An essential for lightweight compact guns, the Dengensha MFDC transformer minimizes weight for compact and portable guns. A modular design allows for multiple configurations, and a miniature iron core helps cut weight by 30%.

MFDC Lightweight Transformer
FrequencyRated Capacity
(50% duty cycle)
Dimensions (mm)Weight
Type 11,000 - 1,500 Hz76313 x 91 x 13011
1,200 - 1,500 Hz85370 x 88 x 13014
1,000 Hz97352 x 88 x 13014
1,000 Hz85394 x 88 x 13015
Type 21,000 - 1,500 Hz76339 x 91 x 17314
1,200 - 1,500 Hz90396 x 88 x 17317
1,000 Hz97378 x 88 x 17317
1,000 Hz100420 x 88 x 17318