Weld controls diagram


Integrated systems. Dengensha control systems include robot-integrated controllers, timer-integrated transformers, AC & DC rectified multi-transformers and monitors (WeldScope and Pressure Mate). Together these give you the options you need to configure a control system for your tolerances specs and quality control standards.

Custom configurations. Our sophisticated control systems can network up to 60 sets of welding controls that link directly to your PCs and printers. Displays are graphically enhanced to allow you to grasp the welding conditions at a glance and see various data at any time. The range of weld current to monitor can be set from 5%-99%.  A limit value for each sequence can be set as well.

Safety and protection functions are built in, including limiting the number of  stops, preventing rewriting of the program, and protection switches for “spotless” and data memorization functions. With the maintenance-free, super-capacitor option you can eliminate the need to change back-up batteries.