Locator Pins

Better than stainless steel or ceramic pins and less expensive. Ceramic is too brittle, and stainless steel needs extra insulation, which breaks down quickly from heat and grease. ACT’s proprietary coating withstands both high heat and high current and can be used without additional insulation.

Lowest possible cost per pin. ACT pins outlast KCF and ceramic coated pins by nearly 100% and are far less expensive than ceramic composition pins.  Don’t be fooled by “knock-offs.”  None wear as well or as reliably as Dengensha’s ACT alloy pins.

Longest pin life, no arcing. High quality steel-chromium alloy eliminates arcing and virtually eliminates spatter accumulation. With an evenly distributed insulating film of +2,200 Vickers hardness, pore-free surface and metallurgic stability to 2,000°F, there is no cracking or spalling, deterioration is minimal, and wear points (corners, transitions) are less damaging.

Ask about custom shapes, threading for robotic welding and use in other applications, such as insulation sleeves for bolt welding.