Dengensha Toa Co., Ltd. Merger Enhances Leading Presence in Resistance Welding Industry

June 2017 – Bedford, Ohio

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In April 2017, Dengensha Mfg. Co., Ltd., Dengensha America’s parent company, merged with Nastoa Welding Technologies Co., Ltd., creating Dengensha Toa Co., Ltd., a new international force in resistance welding.

According to a company spokesman, “The merger enables Dengensha Toa Co., Ltd., to be more than just a leading new force in international resistance welding equipment manufacturing. By focusing on the development of new products with the ability to join different types of materials together, Dengensha Toa Co., Ltd, is now aiming to become a more comprehensive joining equipment manufacturer globally.”

Dengensha Mfg. Co., Ltd., founded in 1935, is considered to be the leading resistance welding equipment manufacturer in Japan. Global headquarters are in Kawasaki, Japan with affiliate companies in the US, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Thailand, and the U.K. Founded in 1948, and a subsidiary of Dengensha since 2014, Nastoa Welding Technologies Co., Ltd. was previously the third largest resistance welding equipment manufacturer in Japan.

Dengensha Toa Co., Ltd. offers automotive, agricultural machinery and general manufacturers the most complete line of resistance welding equipment in the world with a product line that includes projection and spot stationary welders, capacitor discharge welders, weld guns, feeders, controls, transformers, consumables, and spare parts. A full line of standard capacitor discharge welders are the most recent examples of the dynamic synergy that will continue to generate advanced technologies from these two industry leaders. Dengensha Toa Co., Ltd. will also provide international training and support for the complete product line. In the coming months, Dengensha Toa Co., Ltd. is looking forward to this dynamic synergy, streamlining its solution-based product line.

Dengensha at Weldmex 2017

May 2017 – Monterrey, Mexico



Dengensha México showcased a complete lineup of their products at the Weldmex 2017 show held in Monterrey during May 2nd through 4th. Their 20 x 30 booth exhibited a demonstration of the upper electrode feeder and displays of a brand new capacitor discharge welder, AC welder and feeder combination, lightweight high force reduction gear X-gun, weld control, monitoring equipment, and consumables. The show was a great success thanks to the teamwork of Mariel Mendoza, Arturo Becerril, Raul Flores, Steve Andrassy, and Bob Donovan (as shown in the picture).

Dengensha at PMA Cleveland District Suppliers Night

April 2017 – Cleveland, Ohio

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Dengensha America promoted their full array of products at the PMA Cleveland District Annual Suppliers Night on April 25, 2017. In addition to the full descriptions of each product that were readily handed out, products such as WS-100 and a wide variety of consumables were displayed. The booth was organized by Stephen Andrassy and Brandon Malec (shown in the picture) who ensured no question was left unanswered!


Dengensha Showcased at FABTECH 2016

November 2016 – Las Vegas, Nevada


Dengensha America showcased a complete lineup of their products at the FABTECH 2016 show held in Las Vegas during November 16th through 18th. The booth exhibited a demonstration of the Flexwave welder, upper electrode feeder, and 50kA high current high force gun on a Fanuc robot along with the displays of a band new capacitor discharge welder, lightweight X-type weld gun, VMC timer, monitoring equipment, and consumables. Members from the headquarters in Japan also joined the show to boost up the teamwork and technical expertise at the show.

New Capacitor Discharge Welder with Compact Design & Intuitive Control Set-Up

September 2016 – Bedford, Ohio

CDW NDZ Welder

Dengensha America’s new Capacitor Discharge Welder has a smaller footprint and cost-efficient compact design. High current in short bursts allows minimum heat transfer and workpiece distortion– ideal for welding small projection parts on high-strength steel. Unique selectable current control modes fine-tune weld quality. It can achieve 50kA weld current with only a 6kVA power supply.