About Dengensha America – Value & Reliability

What Is Resistance Welding?
The most common images are pictures of a car body progressing down in an assembly line when a robotic arm swings over a portion of the body and a quick flash of light occurs. That flash of light is the resistance welding process that occurs in milliseconds and is the cumulative result of millions of hours of technology over a century by the brightest engineering minds of the time. Two pieces of formed metal have now been permanently joined by a tightly controlled melting and forging process, using electrical current. No smoke, no fumes, just a permanent bond. The resistance welding technology is utilized by many of the automakers and component manufacturers as the quickest, least expensive high volume joining process commercially available.

Our Start in The Business
Dengensha Mfg. Co., Ltd. of Kawasaki, Japan, founded in 1935, is the only full line manufacturer of resistance welding equipment in the world. Dengensha engineers design and build every item that goes into a Dengensha machine. Every detail is reviewed countless times to ensure accuracy and reliability. The company name “Dengensha” comes from Japanese characters that signify electricity as well as founder’s name.

The Birth of Dengensha America
Dengensha America, located in Cleveland, Ohio, is the Sales and Service arm of Dengensha Mfg., serving the North American market since 1985. When Honda first opened its doors in Marysville, Ohio, Dengensha Mfg. was asked to provide local sales and service for all the resistance welding equipment used in the manufacture of the highest quality cars and motorcycles at the time. Dengensha America started as a very small overseas base for Dengensha Mfg. and over the many years since has grown its size, serving the needs of hundreds of resistance welding customers in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Brazil. The Dengensha Mexico office was added in 2013 in Leon, Guanajuato to cover the sales and service of the growing demand in the entire Mexican region.

What Dengensha America Offers
Our resistance welding product line includes projection and spot welders, including AC and MFDC pedestal welders; weld guns, including lightweight servo guns and portable guns; automatic nut and bolt feeders; AC and MFDC weld controls; monitoring equipment; consumables; and spare parts. As part of our continuing advancements in technology, we now offer capacitor discharge welders to meet the current needs of high strength steels and aluminum welding.

Field service support and training completes our single source capability. Our customer-driven product specialists offer solutions right off-the-shelf to custom application design. Our field service support specialists provide reliable installation and maintenance you can trust; as well as rebuild, calibration, certification, and training.

Please feel free to contact us for any questions you may have about Dengensha at (440) 439-8081 or sales@dengensha.com..