Stationary spot welders from Dengensha

Dengensha. Global leader in resistance welding

Dengensha America has the world's most complete line of high quality welders, feeders, weld guns, controls, consumables and spare parts – your total source in resistance welding.  

Value that lasts. ROI studies show Dengensha is where quality and price meet to yield maximum value. From pre-sale analysis and innovative design to documentation, maintenance and rebuilds, our service is paramount.

Durable welders and weld guns, from standard to leading edge. We design, service, and support resistance welding equipment, from the best value standard ped welders to robotic weld guns, including the industry's lightest gun.

Nut feeders, bolt feeders, welders, weld guns and controls

Reliability. Since 1935, we have set the standard for innovation, durability and lasting value. Whether you need a few feeders or an entire integrated line, we can help. Dengensha's expert sales engineering helps integrate new or rebuilt machines into your line, train employees and provide responsive service and support.

Manufacturers worldwide rely on Dengensha.

Dengensha America serves automotive and other manufacturers in all of North America, including Canada, the U.S. and Mexico. Along with Dengensha Europe and Dengensha Japan, you can count on us to be there.

If you are in North America and want sales or engineering help in Japanese, e-mail or call Kaz Yano at 440-439-8081 ext. 20 or Mickey Arima at 440-439-8081 ext. 15.

アメリカでの販売・サービス等のご質問につき、日本語でのお問い合わせの場合は、440-439-8081 内線20の矢野(営業, [email protected])もしくは内線15の有馬(技術, [email protected])までご連絡をお願い致します。

If you live in the United States and need assistance in Spanish, e-mail or call Daniela Abreo at (440) 439-8081 ext 19.

If you live in Mexico or Latin America and need assistance in Spanish, e-mail or call Alvaro Gallegos Nequiz at (52) 84-4431-7331.

Si usted vive en los Estados Unidos (Norte América/ EEUU) y necesita asistencia en español, favor de mandar un correo electrónico o llamar a Daniela Abreo al (440)439-8081 ext. #19.

Si usted vive en México o en Centro América y necesita asistencia en español, favor de manar un correo electrónico o llamar a Alvaro Gallegos Nequiz al (52) 84-4431-7331.